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What to do with your empty containers

Once your candle has been fully burned (down to the last 1/4" of wax) you may be wondering what to do with the container. If your glass container is still in great condition, and you live in the Vancouver/Portland area I'll happily give you a discount of 15% for exchanging your used container for a brand new candle - no need to clean it! Send an email to to get the process started.

If you don't live in the area and need tips on cleaning & repurposing them here is my best advice:

  1. Because of the low melting point of the wax, it's pretty easy to get the last layer out of the container. Wait until the candle is fully cooled, then run some hot water around the container (or immerse the bottom half of the container in hot water) for around 30s. You should see the wax starting to melt! Then use a spoon or fork to gently pry up the last chunk of wax. The wick sticker should come off cleanly (but if it doesn't don't worry). Make sure you throw the wax/wick base in the trash. DO NOT put it down your sink. I am not responsible for any plumbing bill related to pouring wax down a garbage disposal! If hot water isn't your style you can also put the jar in the freezer. This will cause the wax to shrink enough that you should be able to easily pry it out of the container.

  2. Once your container is wax-free (mostly) you can wash it with soap and water in your sink. The glass containers are all dishwasher safe, but just to be safe I wouldn't put the tins in there.

  3. Buy yourself some Goo Gone to remove any label/wick sticker residue! If you don't already own this magical product you should run out and buy a bottle right now. This stuff removes residue like nobody's business and is safe on almost any surface. I've used it on the glass jars and the tins without issue. I could write a whole post about the glories of Goo Gone but I'll spare you the details.

  4. Figure out something creative to do with your container! The tins make great storage for q-tips, matches, cotton rounds, cotton balls, etc. while the jars make very cute succulent planters/terrariums, change jars, etc. Please don't use these for food storage just to be safe!

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