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Multiple Candles and Layering Scents

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Some scents just go together. If you're looking to burn different fragrances together to make a statement I have some suggestions:

Woods & Licorice

Cedar and pine combine with the sharp star anise to create an environment that's warm and grounded. Spicy and natural, this is one of my absolute favorite combinations and burning these scents together is a sophisticated winner.

Rose & Makai

These fragrances are both blends with the same Sandalwood so they go together like PB&J! Rose, Coconut, Powder, and Sandalwood - these two fragrances fill a room in the best floral way possible.

Evergreen & Rosemary

I absolutely love Evergreen - it's my favorite scent - but sometimes I wish it had just a bit more intensity. When I'm looking to mix it up a little I light it alongside a Rosemary candle which fills the whole room with a beautiful herbaly-foresty aroma. This is my calming combo and what I'm burning in my room as I type this.

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