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I'm delighted to share that you can now buy my candles at both Chuck's Produce Locations in Vancouver! It's so much fun to have my products available to buy in a store that I shop at every week. I'm grateful for their support of local small businesses and I'm grateful to be part of the Vancouver, WA community. Both locations carry all of my scents in both sizes, so stop by and check them out in person! The displays are located just outside the Beauty & Wellness sections.

While you're in there make sure to support other local vendors and pick up Pizza Dough from Kalama Sourdough Bakery for perfect homemade pizza, the Romero's Mango Salsa for the best fish taco toppings, and awesome greens from Red Truck Farm. Also - if you need a treat the Bakery section has the most beautiful and delicious cakes, cake slices, and unbeatable Cinnamon Rolls.

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