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Adhesion & Frosting in your Candle

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Over time you may notice that your candles have changed appearance slightly and may develop 'wet spots' and/or frosting. Rest assured that neither of these affect performance, but because they are visible changes you may wonder what is going on with your candle!

Adhesion is how well the wax sticks to the glass (adheres). In some cases, the wax can shrink and pull away from the side of the container. This results in trapped air bubbles which appear as 'wet spots' on the sides of your candle. Unfortunately adhesion issues are hard to predict and can occur due to things totally out of our control including temperature variation (like during shipping) or imperfections in the container. This can also occur if the candle is cooled/heated unevenly. I will make sure that every candle I send out does not display these issues, but I can't guarantee that your candle will stay the same forever. If the idea of 'wet spots' bothers you, I might suggest you choose a candle tin or a container that is frosted/solid and not the clear glass. This way, if the issue occurs you'll be blissfully unaware! You can also try gently heating the sides of your candle using a hair dryer to bring the air bubble to the top.

Frosting occurs when crystals form in the soy wax. This does not affect the performance of the candle at all, but may occur over time and .... you guessed it... with large variations in temperature. I won't send anything out with visible frosting issues but know that it can occur - especially if your candle has been sitting on the shelf for awhile!

Here are some example pictures of one of my test candles that has a 'wet spot' and a layer of 'frosting' after I burned it and the wax cooled unevenly. If these visual issues are something that you'd like to avoid, I recommend choosing a candle tin or a container that is frosted/solid. I would be happy to pour any candle in an opaque jar - just send me an email! I personally love the clear glass and the way that soy wax has its own character as it burns.

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